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Chris Carpenter Digital designer

My name is Chris Carpenter and I am a design consultant based in County Kildare. I have 20 years of experience developing digital products that provide a meaningful experience people will want to use again and again.

  • As a design consulant I can help you make your vision for a digital frontier a reality. These are just some of the areas that I specialise in.

  • Web design

    Powering 37% of all sites worldwide I use Wordpress exclusively to build sites that allow you to take control of your website

  • Ecommerce

    WooCommerce is an industry-leading eCommerce platform that will use to get you to sell online

  • Branding

    Be it a business card, brochure, on your website, or the side of a truck I can ensure your brand stays true


latest projects

In my recent design ventures, I've expertly harmonized aesthetics and functionality. Employing innovative techniques, I've crafted visually captivating yet user-centric solutions. Through collaborative client partnerships, I've translated concepts into compelling design realities, leaving a distinctive imprint in the design realm.

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