The how and the why


WordPress is the driving force behind this website. I’ve used in shape or another since version 2.8 so I know it pretty well (hire me!). It’s an open source content management system that drives, well quite a lot of the worlds website; about 39% according to figures released last year. I can highly recommend it for any project you may have in mind.


This is one of my greatest design passions! I absolutely love this craft and ever get tired of practicing it. The typefaces used on this site are:

  • FF Meta Pro, designed by Erik Spiekermann
  • FF Meta Serif, designed by Botio Nikoltchev, Christian Schwartz, Erik Spiekermann, Kris Sowersby, and Ralph du Carrois

I love their humanist forms leading to very clear legibility and ease of use. Typographic rhythm is achieved with the judicious use of using the Golden Section as a modular scale.


All my professional life I have used a Mac; they just work. The site was coded on Visual Studio Code by Microsoft. I would recommend it to anybody as its ver fast, stable and extensible with a lot of add-ons. My design tool is Sketch. Illustrations com come out of Adobe Illustrator and images have be manipulated with Add Photoshop.