case study

Designing for Rowing Ireland

Project details

  • Client —  Rowing Ireland
  • Project —  Print design assets

What was required

Rowing Ireland has an established brand that is used across the organisation. Using this a series of printed assets ranging from annual reports, posters to leaflets have been designed and produced.

Some examples

Project insight

Rowing Ireland is the national governing body for the sport or rowing. Based in Farran Woods, Co. Cork the organisation has gained richly deserved success at an International level with medals at the last two Olympics. Tokyo 2021 brought Ireland’s first team medal with a bronze secured by the Women’s Four as well as Ireland’s first gold medal in Rowing; the double combination of O’Donovan and McCarthy.

Annual report

As a professional organisation, Rowing Ireland has print design requirements throughout the year with the annual report at the forefront.

Rowing Ireland Annual Report covers
Rowing Ireland Annual Report covers for the last three years

Based on combination of reports from the CEO, the high performance director through to the various committees this multi-page document is presented at the organisation’s AGM every year. Using a grid based on on the golden section this design embodies typography, layout, colour and imagery to communicate Rowing Ireland’s success throughout the year.

Rowing Ireland Annual report internal pages
Rowing Ireland Annual report internal pages


Still old school but posters are an excellent way to distribute to clubs across the Ireland important communications. Generally A3 in size they need to be visually exciting and convert the intended message. Increasingly QR codes have been integrated to back the poster with a direct link to the Rowing Ireland website.

Rowing Ireland Posters
Rowing Ireland Posters with QR codes



In a digital age sometimes there no substitute for handing out a leaflet at regattas.

As a print designer, my main goal is to create visual communication materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective in conveying a message to the target audience. I carefully consider factors such as typography, layout, colour, and imagery to create a design that is not only visually appealing, but also communicates the intended message clearly.

I begin the design process by gathering information about the project, such as the intended audience, the purpose of the design, and any specific requirements or restrictions. I then brainstorm and sketch out different design ideas, experimenting with different layouts, colour schemes, and imagery.

Throughout the entire process, I am dedicated to creating designs that effectively communicate the desired message and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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