what do I do?


With 20 years of experience I have delivered digital products that people enjoy using over and over again.

From web design, launching Ecommerce platforms to your social media presence I can help. Its always nice to hold a beautifully designed piece of paper; not a problem for me. Need a brand that works on a business card, online or on the side your truck then let me help you realise your dream.


How to sell online

The global pandemic has taught us all one thing; Ecommerce not only works but is an absolute must for any business. WooCommerce is the perfect platform for this. It’s free, open-source, and imminently extendable. Through the use of plugins (add-on bits of software), your eCommerce dream is easily achievable. Payment gateway and shipping are a breeze so there is no reason to start selling online now.

My experience will get you up and running very quickly which runs from design, product build, and maintenance through to the intricacies of fulfillment and shipment. I can help you with:

  • Product build, including photography
  • SEO considerations to help your product be found
  • Pricing and tax considerations
  • Fulfilment
  • Customer service

By taking a holistic view, I can take your eCommerce requirements to the next level by taking care of every detail.

web design

What's involved

Designing for the web is far more complex than you might think. My design process takes the mobile-first approach. The preference for smartphones now dominates how people consume and interact on the web. A typical approach to designing and building a website is as follows.

  • Client interview: what do you want?
  • Research: see what trends run in your industryWireframes: they are quick and easy and the client will get a sense of how the site will look and the user flow
  • High fidelity designs: pixel-perfect representations of each stage of the site
  • Build the site: coding and deployment with your hosting
  • Handover: documentation and a run through

WordPress is my choice to build a site. Its used by 37% at the last count of all the world websites. Its fast to build and is very flexible in terms of requirements. Of course you will need a domain name that represents your interest and then of course hosting for you new website. All of which I can help you with.

social media

Get noticed

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all provide robust vectors to engage with anybody who has an interest in yourself or your company. Moving beyond the selfie, having compelling social media content is an absolute must. Combining your brand with solid graphics, I can deliver a suite of assets you deploy on social media that will help engage with your audience and drive them to visit your website and reach out to you.


A strong brand will always help a business stand out from the crowd. It will start with a clever logo that has a complementary palette of colours. Once this is in place, the brand can be applied to any medium; a business card, brochure, social media or on the side of a truck.

My work doesn’t always exist online as I relish a design challenge like an annual report or a letterhead. Working with local printshops, I can deliver all of your non-digital needs.

email marketing

"You've got mail" And its really nice looking

The emergence of the smartphone turned email on its head by providing the first proper way of accessing this all-important communication method. Yes, before, it was possible to read the text-based email, but now it was possible to have an email with images, branding, and hyperlinks that worked across a full spectrum of devices and email clients.

Having developed 12 different newsletter products during my time in The Irish Times, I deeply understand what can be a tricky format to work with. Couple that with an experience that transcends MailChimp, Hubspot, and Active Campaign, and your success with email marketing is guaranteed.

Your visual communications

As a print designer, my main goal is to create visual communication materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective in conveying a message to the target audience. I carefully consider factors such as typography, layout, color, and imagery to create a design that is not only visually appealing, but also communicates the intended message clearly.

Throughout the entire process, I am dedicated to creating designs that effectively communicate the desired message and leave a lasting impression on the audience.